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How Online Booking Works

All patients MUST now wear a non-medical mask before entering the building.

If you have traveled outside of Prince Edward Island within the last 2 weeks or have been in contact with someone who has please do not visit the clinic. Call 811 for advice.

If you are experiencing a cough, fever, or respiratory symptoms please SELF-ISOLATE and contact 811 to be assessed for Covid-19.

The walk-In clinic will not see patients with the above symptoms without receiving a current (within 3 days) negative Covid test result.

Please note: During the pandemic the physician reserves the right to make the final determination on who is seen in the clinic based on symptoms presented.

Please be aware that regular walk in clinics are not able to test for Covid-19 and are not an appropriate option for anyone who suspects that they have Covid-19.

Upcoming Walk in Clinics

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Services Offered

General Health Care
Consultation with a Pharmacist
Prescription Compounding
Prescription Deliveries
Home Care Solutions

About the South Shore Health & Wellness Clinic

Our standards for service and quality reflect a high level of professional commitment to the community we serve. At PharmaChoice, we believe the little things in life are often the most important. As part of the fabric of your community, you can count on us being there when we are needed.